Captain's Palace

The building was erected in the early 17th century by reconstruction on Gothic parcels. In 1653 it became the seat of the main Captain's Office. The building was subjected to numerous reconstructions and modifications: in the 18th century it was Barocized, in 1943 and later in 1956 - 1958 it was converted to meet the needs of the museum.
It is a three-storey building with Baroque facade. On the sides there are two entrances, one of them is a passageway to the courtyard, the other is the entrance to the building. The rooms in the building are shaped with Baroque vaultings, in the hall upstairs a stone wreath has been preserved bearing a text from the 17th century.
At present the building serves the needs of the Slovak Technical Museum.

/place: Main Street 88/
MAP of the historical City centre

/© Photo: (1) Alexander Jiroušek, (2) Adolf Materna/