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Project ATTAC - press release

Within the project ATTAC – Attractive Urban Public Transport for Accessible Cities, on February 29, 2012, the first meeting with stakeholders was held. The project manager introduced the project, its budget, objectives and outputs. A representative of the Public Transport Company Košice introduced pilots of the project – information displays, which will be located on selected bus stops. This will definitely make using public transport more comfortable for people living in Košice as well as for many visitors and tourists. The information displays will show a real time of arrival of the vehicle to the bus stop and will also provide Wi-Fi connection to the selected web sites on the Internet.

During the Mobility Forum also the General Transportation Plan of the Residential Unit Košice and Transport Services Plan for the City of Košice was presented. At the end of the meeting stakeholders had the opportunity for discussion.

All participants to the meeting agreed that the project ATTAC is a good start for improving public transport in Košice.

We will keep you updated on the next meetings and activities of the working group on the ATTAC web site:

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