Csáky - Dessewffy Palace

The present Palace was erected on an originaly Gothic parcel in 1805 by classical reconstruction of a Baroque palace. On the tympanum are embossed coats of arms of the Csaky and Dessewffy families.
On both sides of the building there are passageways, the left one is the entrance to the palace and the one on the right leads through to the Postova Street. In the years 1965 - 1966 the building was modified to meet the needs of the gallery. After 1989 the building was the seat of the Constitutional Court of Slovak Republic. At present the palace serves as a commercial space.

/place: Main Street 72/
MAP of the historical City centre

/(1) Historical photograph from book KOŠICE 1780-1918/
/© Photo: (2) Marián Krlička, (3) Adolf Materna/