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Historical Monuments in Košice

Historical core of Košice represents the biggest reservoir of historical monuments in Slovakia. In terms of art & history, the most valuable buildings are situated around the original Middle Age square - present

1. Main Street

Among the significant sights classify:

2. St. Elizabeth's Cathedral
3. St. Michal's Chapel
4. St. Urban's tower
5. The State Theatre
6. The Levoča House
7. Andrassy's Palace
8. The Immaculata Statue - "The Plague Column"           
9. District House
10. The Historical Town Hall
11. The House of Beggar
12. Bishop's Palace
13. Jacab's Palace
14. Hotel Europe
15. Hadík - Barkóczy Palace
16. Pongrácz - Forgács Palace
      /buliding of the State Scientific Library/
17. Csáky - Dessewffy Palace
      /building of the Constitutional Court of SR/
18. The Royal House
      /building of the former Kosice University/
19. Mikluš's Prison
20. Captain's Palace
      /The Slovak Technical Museum/
21. The Regional Library of Johannes Bocatius
22. The East Slovakian Museum
23. Town Ramparts -
      Lower Gate, Bastions
Map of the historical City centre


Sacral buildings:
24. Dominican Church
25. The Church on Calvary
26. Plague Chapel of St. Rosalie
27. Church of Sisters Ursulines
28. Franciscan Church
29. Calvinist Church
30. Hospital Church of Holy Spirit
31. Evangelic Church
32. Premonstratensian Church former Jesuistical Church
33. Greek-Catholic Church of Virgin Mary's Birth
34. Synagogue on Zvonarska Street
35. Synagogue on Puskinova Street


Other historical monuments: The bulidings, which have not been preserved to present days:
36. Grammar school on Kovacska Street
37. Building of the Military Office
38. Building of the Railway Administration
39. Hotel Schalkház
40. The Old Building of the Railway Station

New-age monuments: Excursion destinations:
41. Memorial of the International Peace Marathon
42. Memorial of the Unknown Anti-Fascist Fighter
43. Memorial of dead soldiers of the Soviet Army
44. Music arbour in the City park
45. Bankov
46. Čermeľ

There is not much left from ancient times, however, what the time has left is today called the historical core. Since 1992 the City of Košice is under reconstruction, which brings back historical atmosphere & invaluable beauty to the City.

/© Photo: Alexander Jiroušek, Translation: Adriana Slovjakova/