Jacab's Palace

The building was erected in 1899 in the pseudo-Gothic style constructed from discarded stones from the Kosice St. Elizabeth's Cathedral. It was named after the first owner of the building Arpad Jakab. In 1945 (April - May) the palace was the seat of the president of Czechoslovakia. In 1992 - 2000 the British Council had its seat in the building. Later the building was used for important social events.

At the present time the palace is closed due to lawsuit regarding proprietary rights.

Views of the Jacab's Palace in 20th century
Jacab's Palace at present

/place: Mlynská Street 30/
MAP of the historical City centre

/(1) Historical photograph from 1910 - collection of the East Slovakian Museum/
/(2) © Photo: Zdenko Lipták/