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The East Slovakian Museum

The museum was founded in 1872 named "Hornouhorske museum" and it belongs to the oldest Slovak museums. A Neo-Renaissance building was erected in the early 20th century. It was the first building in the town designed to serve the needs of a museum. Originaly it was the Kosice Museum. The facade is sectioned by the three risalites. The entrance is in the middle one with a rich decoration and a balcony placed on two pairs of double pilars. In the gable there is the sign of Kosice. In the side risalites upstairs there are sculptures of Perseus and Vulcan. A memorial tablet commemorating a school of painting and graphic art of Eugen Kron in the years 1921 - 1927 is to be seen on the facade of the building near the entrance.
Nowadays the building houses the East Slovakian Museum's various expositions illustrating the Stone Age and the Middle Age period in Eastern Slovakia, the Kosice's Gold Treasure, the exposition of jewellery as well as the numismatic exposition. On the territory of the museum there is a wooden church, which originates from the Kozuchovce village in the discrict of Svidnik. It was brought to Kosice in 1927. The church was founded in 1741. Near the church there is also a wooden belfry and Turkish gates.

/place: Námestie maratónu mieru/
MAP of the historical City centre

/(1) Historical photograph from book KOŠICE 1780-1918/
/(2,3) © Photo: Marián Krlička/