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Meeting of the Mayor and the councillors of Old Town /Staré mesto/ on the topic: City indoor swimming pool

The Mayor of the City of Košice, the head of the local council and the city councillors of the city ward Old Town /Staré Mesto/ met each other on Monday for joint negotiations. Under the Mayor´s invitation they have discussed the possibilities of building up a new sport-relax centre used all year long. After more than 2 and half hours of discussions in the Building of the Municipality of Košice, there appeared some progress. The management of the city and the city ward Old Town have agreed to work out an expertise on the actual value of the City indoor swimming pool /Mestská krytá plaváreň/. After the expertise the parties will meet each other again and they will discuss the topic: What are the conditions of transferring the swimming pool under the Košice City administration. According to Mayors opinion the aim is to build up a modern sport complex for both the hobby swimmers and swimmer clubs where there will be created a relaxing complex with toboggans for the families and children.

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