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New Years reception of the Consuls

On 27th January 2020 in the premises of the Historical Town Hall there was organized the traditional New Year’s Reception of the Consuls seating in the City of Košice. The invitation of the Mayor of the City of Košice, Jaroslav Polaček (independent) and the Vice Mayor, Lucia Gurbáľová was accepted by the honorary consuls of the countries: Germany, Israel, Turkey, French Republic, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Moldavian Republic, Greece and the Consul of the General Consulate of Hungary. The city management appreciated the work of the consuls and emphasized several events which attract international participation in Košice. The fact that Košice is opened to foreigners is proved also by the statistics that in the East Slovakian metropolis universities there are students from about 50 countries of the world. Many of them decide to live and work in our city even after finishing their studies.

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