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Slovakias second largest city lies in the eastern part of Slovak Republic, at an altitude of 206 metres (676 ft) above sea level and covers an area of 242.90 square kilometres (93.7 sq mi). It is situated on the Hornád River in the Košice Basin.

Košice lies in the northern temperate zone and has a continental climate with four
distinct seasons. It is characterized by a significant variation between hot summers and cold, snowy winters.

The municipal mass transit system is the oldest one in present-day Slovakia, with the
fi rst horse-car line in operation in 1891 (electrifi ed in 1914).
Today, the citys public transport system is composed of buses (in use since 1950s),
trams and trolleybuses (since 1990s).
Košice is also the rail hub of eastern Slovakia and there is a broad gauge track from

The city also has an international airport, located south of the city. Košice International
Airport offers these regular direct fl ights: London-Luton, Bratislava, Manchester,
Vienna, Prague. It served 600 000 passengers in 2008, mainly with Sky Europe
Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Czech Airlines.

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