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Safety at the arena – items which don’t belong there

The gates to both arenas – the Orange Arena in Bratislava and the Steel Arena in Košice - open 1.5 hours before the start of 2011 IIHF World Championship games (29/04 - 15/05/2011). Visitors are searched by stewards in the entrance area in front of the arena. We advise fans not to attempt to smuggle banned items into the arenas - firearms and bladed weapons, addictive substances, glass or plastic bottles, explosives and pyrotechnics. You may not bring flasks, cameras, poles, rods or umbrellas into the Championship arenas. "Flags may not have masts, fans may hold them in their hands," explained 2011 IIHF World Championship general safety manager Stanislav Jankovic.

Banned items will be stored in safekeeping in front of the two arenas. Based on tickets match fans will be able to pick up the respective items after the games. It is not possible to bring food and drinks into the arenas. Snack food will be prepared within the arena buffets. Food and beverages may not be brought into the stands and should be consumed in the designated areas in the corridors.

For security reasons drums, horns, whistles and vuvuzelas are banned from the arenas. "Encouragement via objects other than their own hands and vocal cords can come courtesy of bells or ratchets. However, they must be of a reasonable size, up to 25 cm, "said Jankovič.
Handbags and rucksacks can be brought in, however their size must fit on laps, or under seats and so as to not hinder other spectators.

After passing the security checks spectators through pass the turnstiles which check the authenticity of tickets. During breaks fans can come out of the stadium into the secure zone in front of the arena, the spectator must have a valid ticket. When they return, they must again go through the turnstile. "We don't however recommend leaving the arena. Due to the time needed to exit and re-enter there would be no guarantee that they would start of the second or third period. This recommendation is particularly for smokers, "said Jankovic.

All information concerning banned items can be found on the back of the tickets.

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