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FAQ - How does the public transport in Košice work?

How does the public transport in Košice work?


Public transport in Košice is safe, reliable and frequent, including rides at nights and on weekends. It is provided by blue and yellow trams and buses which run approximately every 5 – 15 minutes during workdays, and every 20 - 30 minutes in the evenings and during the weekends. It has been renovated recently, there are audio and digital announcements in vehicles in English, too. The timetables on bus stops are in Slovak only, which might be difficult for newcomers, but they  soon become easy to understand . Tickets machines are located around Košice and it is also possible to buy electronic ticket via mobile phones. Prices are affordable. All detailed information about routes, schedules, tickets - prices and types, and other useful information such as journey planner are available in English on Košice Transport Company web site.