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Cultural integration

Foreigners are soon becoming new neighbours, they are a part of local communities. The real integration takes place in jobs, schools, communities, neighbourhoods, restaurants, blocks of flats, family or cultural centres, churches or playgrounds. Participating on sport events, volunteering or interacting with locals help to feel comfortable in your new home and to build stronger ties with your local community.


Understanding, speaking and writing Slovak is an important step towards integration. The knowledge of the local language makes the everyday life easier, makes the individual more independent at the offices of public institutions or at the doctor, gives more chances to get a job, find local friends or understand the local context. Adults have several options to learn Slovak in language schools or online.


Informal way to boost your Slovak and find new friends is to attend Language café, a regular event taking place in Tabačka Kulturfabrik.  


How is Slovakia and Slovaks perceived by foreigners? Very interesting guidebooks in English, Russian and Arabic based on interviews with people from outside may help to understand ordinary situations from different perspectives. Feel free to download.


For generations, Košice is home of many minorities. There are several organizations or clubs of minorities living in the city:  




Komisia národnostných menšín pri MZ (City Council Committee for Minorities) works as an advisory body for the City Council. Representatives of several minorities are members, so if you feel like consulting ideas or concerns related to the life of minorities, contact the chosen member


There are also several international groups, which help with day-to-day integration of their peers


Slovenský korpus ukrajinských študentov (Slovak Body of Ukrainian Students)
Komunita Vietnamcov v Košickom kraji (Košice region Vietnameese community),
Cínová 5, Košice, hoinguoivietkosice @
Facebook group Foreigners in Kosice * Cudzinci v Košiciach may be helpful, as it connects hundreds of foreigners living in Košice with locals.
Association of Afghans in Slovakia (cultural and social association of Afghans permanently living in Slovakia)


Culture and art in Košice

Among many places in Košice, there are some examples where to enjoy art and culture:


The State Theatre, Košice

Košice State Philharmonic

East Slovak Gallery

The Theatre Thália Színhás (Hungarian minority theatre)

Romathan Theatre (Roma Theatre)

Košice Cultural Centres K13 (incl. Amfiteáter, Kasárne Kulturpark, Výmenníky SPOTS, Kunsthalle, Steelpark)

Tabačka Kulturfabrik

Úsmev cinema

Slovak Technical Museum

and many others.


There are numerous cultural events held in Košice throughout the year. This cultural calendar includes some of the favourite events:


Winter Culinary Festival, FEBRUARY

Days of Frankophone Culture, MARCH

Days of Ukraine, APRIL

Košice Music Spring, MAY

Days of the City of Košice, MAY

Use the City Festival!, MAY/JUNE

Gurman Fest, JUNE

Art Film Fest, JUNE

Cassovia Folk Fest, JUNE

Hevhetia (music festival), JUNE

Mazal Tov (Festival of Jewish Culture), JULY

Month of Authors‘ Reading (Festival of Literature), JULY

Summer in the Park Festival, JULY/AUGUST

International Organ Festival of Ivan Sokol, SEPTEMBER

International Peace Marathon, OCTOBER

Nuit blanche (Biela noc), OCTOBER

Diversity Festival and Soup Festival, OCTOBER

Night of the Theatres, OCTOBER

Days of Spanish Culture, OCTOBER

International Jazz Festival, OCTOBER

Jazz for Sale, OCTOBER

Matrioshka Festival, NOVEMBER

Ars Nova Festival (Festival of Contemporary Art), NOVEMBER

Košice Fairytales Christmas, DECEMBER

Evening of the Culture of Minorities (Večer kultúry národnostných menšín), DECEMBER

For other information about how to spend the leisure time, learn about Slovak history and traditions, what places are recommended to visit or which sport events to participate, check