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The Migration and Integration Department of the Migration Office

The Migration and Integration Department of the Migration Office of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic has a specific status. It addresses the integration of persons granted international protection (asylum or subsidiary protection). Two integration managers ensure contact with institutions involved in the integration process. The Migration Office also ensures the supervision (quality monitoring) of the activities of non-governmental organisations responsible for the integration of persons granted international protection, in order to guarantee a uniform standard within this area in the Slovak Republic.

The Migration Office of the Ministry of Interior of the SR

Pivonková 6, 812 72 Bratislava

Tel: 02/4341 4775, 02/4825 4104


There are several organizations in Košice, which help new migrants with integration. They provide information about residence issues, employment, access to education or cultural integration activities. Most services are provided free of charge.



MIC is a counselling centre of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Slovakia, whose main objective is to promote integration of migrants in Slovakia. It has been providing its services since 2006. 

MIC is the first and unique information centre in Slovakia that provides comprehensive services to foreigners in  one place. MIC services include legal, social and vocational counselling, retraining and further education, inclusion in the labour market and support of community life of foreigners. 

IOM Migration Information Centre (MIC) 

Poštová 1, 040 01 Košice

Tel: 055/625 8662

Info line: 0850 211 478  


WhatsApp/Viber: +421 908 767 853  

Skype: MICconsultant




The Human Rights League (Liga pre ľudské práva) provides quality legal assistance to refugees and migrants in the Slovak Republic. In cases when legislation allows, HRL represents strategic cases at courts or international human rights bodies. HRL advocates for development, enforcement and implementation of Slovak migration, asylum and integration policy which respect human rights and dignity and consider diversity as a benefit to society. 

Human Rights League

Hlavná 68, 040 01 Košice 

Tel: 0918 366 968, 0918 857 715


facebook: @Ligazaludskeprava

instagram: @humarightsleague 



The civic association Marginal deals with the integration of third country nationals and especially persons with international protection i.e. refugees into society. Marginal has wide experiences of providing social, psychological and legal services and solving everyday life problems and issues of their clients, e.g. accommodation, finding work, social issues, accompanying to the authorities and doctors, joining the educational process, etc.

Marginal implements projects focused on integration policies at national, regional and local levels and cooperates with municipalities and various local stakeholders. Marginal also seeks to raise awareness and change the attitudes of the majority society to minimization of social exclusion of migrants and equal coexistence on the principles of pluralism.


Hlavná 68, 040 01 Košice

Tel: 0948 791 900




Mareena offers events connecting foreigners and locals, whose co-creators are often also foreigners living in Košice. In addition, Mareena will soon launch activities for personal and professional development of foreigners.

Tel: 0948 113 947