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FAQ - May I use a driving licence issued in my home country in Slovakia?

I have a driving licence issued in my home country. May I use it in Slovakia? Are there any English speaking driving schools in Košice?


Non-EU driving licences - exchange and recognition

A foreigner who has a residence (residence permit or permanent residence) in the territory of Slovakia is allowed to apply for a Slovak driver's license. However, it is much easier just to change the driver's license issued in the home country into a Slovak one. You do not need to pass any exams, or go through a driving school. This opportunity is provided by an Act on Road Transportation number 8/2009, which came into force in February 2009.


According to the article 104, paragraph 4 of the Act, the owner of a non-EU driver's license (issued in a member state of the Geneva or the Vienna Conventions, but not in the country of European Economic Area) who has a residence permit or permanent residence in the territory of Slovakia is obliged within 60 days after 185 days from obtaining  a residence permit or permanent residence to apply for the replacement of a driver's license. According to the Act the driver's license replacement is obligatory after obtaining a residence permit or permanent residence.


To exchange your non-EU driving licence:

  1. go to the local police department corresponding to your place of residence
  2. hand in the following documents

    • foreign driving licence
    • valid identity document together with either a permanent residence or temporary residence document.


If you have previously exchanged a non-EU driving licence for an EU licence in another EU country, you can use it in Slovak republic.


If your driving licence is issued by an EU country (the 28 EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), it's recognised throughout the EU.


There are several driving schools in Košice offering driving courses to obtain a driving licence group B, B1, AM (vehicles up to 3,500 kg of total weight and small motorcycles up to 50 cc cylinder capacity) and supplemental training lessons for B group driving licence holders in English.