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FAQ - Is it possible to get a financial contribution for an education?

Is it possible to get a financial contribution for an education/retraining course I have chosen?


There is quite a wide offer of retraining courses in Košice. E.g. gastronomy services, hairdressers, beauticians, various technical occupations, accounting, marketing courses, programming or design. These courses are offered by various private companies, prices differ. There are two options to obtain financial assistance where the foreigner does not have enough money for retraining:


  1. IOMMigration Information Centre (MIC) offers financial aid for retraining courses to non-EU/EEA foreign nationals. This financial contribution can be used for a course of your choice (a language course, bookkeeping, beauty course, cooking course, IT course, CNC, etc.). Please contact  MIC for more information and assistance in selecting a suitable retraining course.
  2. If a foreigner has obtained a permanent residence permit, or he/she is a family member of the SR citizen and he/she is registered with UPSVaR – The Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, he/she may apply for the financing of retraining courses. The employment service covers 100% of the costs of course.


There are employers, mainly in the IT sphere, who organise their own training for the purposes of further employment. Foreigners speaking fluent English and/or German may use this opportunity and find a job.